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I’m a giving guy by nature. I care about people. I like to help. I like to listen. So it’s only natural that when Julie over at The Dating Wall of Shame asked me to create an ‘Ask Fitz’ page so she could submit questions that I immediately did so. I should have done this right from the start because well….I have the fucking answers.

So ask away. Want to know what the population of Tacoma Washington is? Want to know what I ate for breakfast? Want to know the difference between a douche bag and a douche nozzle? Want to know if their is a God and if so does he know you’re alive? The answers are all just a few short clicks away. I even drew a nice picture above to show you exactly where to click.

There are no rules. Ask something and you will receive an answer. Really good questions will get their answer via a video or a blog post or a long insightful email. Really stupid questions will get answered the same way.

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  • juliemccoy

    Fitz – you are the MAN!

    juliemccoy recently scribbled the following on their toilet (I mean blog)..Profile Tips for Men~

  • fitz

    No Julie…I am ‘A Man’ not ‘The Man’

    everyone knows that ‘The Man’ is Lemmy from Motorhead.

  • Joker


    The other man may very well be Jim Morrison from the Doors.

  • juliemccoy

    If we’re talking musicians – then Stevie Ray Vaughn is truly DA MAN!

    juliemccoy recently scribbled the following on their toilet (I mean blog)..The Cover Up~

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