Teddy Bears and Smokes


One of the things I was happy to see a lot of here in Hong Kong when I arrived was 7-11s and Circle-Ks. They are quite similar to the 7-11 you might frequent near you but there are some noticeable differences. For example in Hong Kong instead of hotdogs you would probably buy some cuttlefish balls or some rolled noodles. Oh and you can buy hard alcohol at these 7-11s which is quite frankly awesome.

My favorite thing about Hong Kong 7-11 was at first quite a puzzle to me. Every time I paid for my stuff the cashier would give me these little cute stickers with what looked like a Hello Kitty character on it. I had no idea what the fuck it was for but I kept them. Through the weeks I have gathered quite a few. So today I bought a shitload of stuff and the cashier wanted to know if I wanted the stickers or if I just wanted to cash them in. Cash them in? Yes please!! What I got was the Kitty looking thing in the above picture. Tomorrow I am going back with my sticker collection and I am coming home with a whole litter of these things. Thanks 7-11!! Now I don’t have to buy xmas gifts!

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  • Joker

    Is…. is it possessed?

  • fitz

    No. It just smoked a cig

  • Erika Jean


  • Ricky

    Very interesting!
    And slightly creepy…

  • Joker

    Plushies + Smoking + Fire = one *HELL* of an entertaining Beanie Babies convention.