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Screw the Polar Bear

I do not know why Global Warming, and the lunacy that Global Warming has created, gets to me so much but it really does. I used to get pissed off maybe once a month about it. Then it became once a week and lately it is almost hourly that I am assaulted with Global Warming madness to the point where I want to punch someone in the stomach.

The latest thing to make me shit my pants yelling is the commercial that describes the plight of the polar bear and asks us to give $16 dollars a month to help save them. You may have seen it already. That ass clown Noah Wyle is in one and there is another with an identical script read by some chick I have never heard of. Here is the Noah Wyle one. Watch it…as I am about to make fun of it and I want you to be in on the joke.

So why should we care about the polar bear? Noah doesn’t seem to give us any reason to care whether they live or die. Well, other than the fact that watching them cling to an iceberg while soft piano is playing is very touching. If anyone reading this knows of a good reason I should give $16 dollars a month to save these cute animals please let me know in the comments.

The only reason I can see is that they keep the seal population in check. Without polar bears seals would be overpopulated and desease would plauge them. But it isn’t a fact that we humans would be affected at all. Lots of predators go extinct and we humans go right on living. The Puma is nearly extinct in North America and nothing happened. Pumas used to keep white tailed deer populations in check. Now hunters and drunk drivers keep white tailed deer populations in check. Perhaps fisherman and drunk  boaters can do the same thing for seals in the Arctic?

Anyway, I wish actors would stop making videos about saving this cute animal and that cute animal. Perhaps they should be making videos to stop the war, or to collect aid for the Chinese after that terrible earthquake? Naaaah! They want us to send money for polar bears. Well they can all go to hell. Here is my video response to Noah Wyle’s polar bear video.

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  • Eddie

    LMAO, yo this is so fucking funny man..LOL

    Great Job!!!!!!!

    ToiletScribble is the shit!

  • juliemccoy

    The best video yet!!

    A five cabbage leaf performance!

    juliemccoy recently scribbled the following on their toilet (I mean blog)..This explains a LOT!

  • Julie McCoy

    Fitz – I totally forgot when I saw this earlier that today is a day that Blog Catalog is asking all of it’s bloggers to write @ human rights.

    Coincidental that you’ve done this video pointing out the absurdity of actors focusing on animal rights when there are so many bigger things to worry about!

    I actually hate politics, but I couldn’t help but join the”Bloggers Unite for Human Rights” bandwagon today and I pointed people to your post for a funnier, more upbeat view on th world at the end of my more serious post.


    Julie McCoy recently scribbled the following on their toilet (I mean blog)..Bloggers unite for Human Rights

  • Tracy

    FU Fitz! I like the Polar Bear. He’s not cute and fluffy he can rip your f’n head off.

    Tracy recently scribbled the following on their toilet (I mean blog)..X-Rated Park Planters.

  • fitz

    Eddie – Thanks’re the shit!

    Julie – 5 cabbages!?! WOW! Thanks for the vote of confidence and thanks for the mention on your blog today. I hope I don’t piss off any activists….actually I do hope.

    Tracy – It’s ok to be a sucker for cute animals. I was completely enamored with the baby polar bear named Knut. At the same time though I am a realist and I know that if that ruthless bitch Mother Nature wants a species exterminated nothing will stop her…not even 16 dollars a month.

  • Sarah

    What is the song used for this commercial?! I love it and can play part of it on the piano (I play by ear).

    Oh and as a side note, we should NOT be waisting money to make this commercial and marines, soldiers, kids, and families are out there dying everyday. Who the hell cares about animals over humans who are suffereing?!

    It’s a bunch of bull***t

  • luciferjizwad

    Very good point! B List Actors everywhere are in peril of irrelivance.

  • Medela

    Too funny.
    Great work !!

  • Medela

    Too funny.
    Great work !!

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